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Bariatric surgery isn’t right for every patient, but for many people with obesity and morbid obesity, surgical weight loss offers incredible benefits. If you’ve been thinking about having gastric bypass surgery near Houston, you may have considered the cosmetic benefits of substantial weight loss. However, the benefits of weight loss procedures go well beyond a person’s appearance. Having gastric sleeve surgery or another type of bariatric surgery could quite literally save your life.

Disease Prevention

Overweight and obesity increase the risk of a range of chronic diseases, some of which may lead to life-threatening complications. People with obesity are more likely to be diagnosed with high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels. They are at an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and sleep apnea. Additionally, obesity is a major risk factor of type 2 diabetes. This is a chronic disease that can lead to additional complications such as kidney damage, vision loss, and peripheral neuropathy. By accomplishing substantial weight loss with the help of bariatric surgery, patients can reduce their risk of these serious health problems.

Medical Management

Many patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery or other weight loss procedures already have co-existing morbidities such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes. For these patients, bariatric surgery is an avenue toward better medical management. Significant weight loss can improve and, in some cases, resolve these health problems.

Quality of Life

Aside from the physical health benefits of getting obesity help with bariatric surgery, there are many quality of life benefits to consider. After having weight loss surgery, patients often report improved quality of life in areas such as self-esteem, social interactions, and sexual function. Obesity can interfere with mobility and after achieving weight loss, individuals are likely to find that it’s easier for them to move around. Research has shown that after bariatric surgery, individuals are less likely to be single, unemployed, or disabled. They also tend to have a reduced risk of clinical depression and anxiety disorders.

Disclaimer: This is only for general information. All patients should consult their doctors prior to following any of the recommendations in any articles and videos. Every patient has individual needs and limitations that only their treating physicians can be aware of.

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