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Many people are not exercising due to the excuse of: no time to exercise. When it comes to time, prioritizing the time of the day to exercise is most important. No maybe’s or but’s allowed, exercise is a MUST included in your daily routine. Time management is very crucial and non productive time such as watching TV or taking bubble bath shall be on lower list of priority. Second thing you can do is to start getting closer to your fitness oriented friends. Having people that are fitness oriented around you will increase your fitness motivation as well. Third is to think about the better looking you! The exercised body is the best look that you can wear everyday! Besides, the good look after exercised body also comes with long term health benefits. As you age, you will have better quality of life as many have said, they would like to stay active and spend more time with their future generations. Lastly is keeping a short term and long term goal to keep you focus on the exercise plan. Many people have summer vacations planned and usually the most common goal is to get in shape for summer. Many people also may fall on and off the wagon with exercise because they do not create another goal after the first goal is achieved. Update your goals after you achieve the last one is very important to keep you going. Start your exercise TODAY!

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