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Avoidance of some ‘highly addictive beverages’ after Weight loss surgery is very important. Those beverages includes caffeine drinks, carbonated beverages and alcohol.

Why Caffeine is to be avoided after surgery?

  • It causes dehydration when consumed in excessive amount.
  • It stimulate acid production in the stomach increasing GERD or Heartburn (Gerd is Gastric esophageal reflux disease) and might cause ulcers in the stomach.
  • May act as GI stimulant which increases digestion resulting in faster return of hunger sensation.leading to less than desired weight loss.

Carbonated beverages increases belching and passing gas and thus increase discomfort. and by another mechanism, they do increase appetite, leading to a less than desired weight loss. while increasing acid production in the stomach and leading to undesired heartburn.

3- Alcohol is to be totally avoided due to many reasons:

-alcohol is an empty liquid calories, has no important nutritional value and give you undesired extra calories. affecting your weight, and making you less successful with weight loss.

– it increases vitamin deficiency.

– it acts as gastric irritants. leading to pain, nausea, vomiting, ulcers, pancreatitis, and many other severe health problems.

-tolerance of alcohol is low after surgery, meaning that you will get drunk a lot faster.

Studies show clearly: that successful weight loss after surgery is highly dependent on following your doctor and dietitian’s recommendations, implementing them into your new lifestyle.

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