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One of the many lifestyle changes that bariatric surgery patients must make is to restrict the amount of sugar they eat. This is easier said than done, considering that a significant percentage of food products contain sugars. When you watch this video, you’ll learn how to tell the difference between naturally occurring sugars and added sugars.

Some sugars are naturally found in foods like fruit and dairy products. Added sugars are put into a food product during processing. The problem with added sugars is that they add lots of extra calories, without additional nutrients.

It isn’t always easy to make healthy choices, but Bariatric Care Centers can help by connecting eligible patients to bariatric surgery information. If you’re looking for obesity help and live near Houston, call us today at 713-339-1353 to discuss weight loss procedures.

Disclaimer: This is only for general information. All patients should consult their doctors prior to following any of the recommendations in any articles and videos. Every patient has individual needs and limitations that only their treating physicians can be aware of.

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