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The two different types of bariatric surgeries you can consider when you want to lose weight but need help are:

There are key differences between the two procedures, in regards to how the surgery is performed. With gastric bypass, it is just that—the surgeon is bypassing the stomach by stapling part of it closed, then connecting it to your intestines.

With gastric sleeve surgery, rather than bypass the stomach entirely, a portion of it is removed during the surgery. Compared to gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery is less invasive and typically takes less time to complete.

The in-hospital recovery time for gastric sleeve surgery can be slightly longer than gastric bypass surgery. Yet, there are reduced risks for people who qualify for gastric sleeve surgery.

To learn more about bariatric surgeries and their risks, benefits, recovery time, weight loss, and more, please continue reviewing the following infographic. Afterward, if you have further questions about bariatric surgeries, feel free to contact Dr. Mirza at Bariatric Care Centers today!

DISCLAIMER: Weight loss surgery of any kind does have its risks and potential for side effects and complications. It is in your best interests to consult with a qualified bariatric surgeon, like Dr. Mirza, to help you make the most appropriate decisions.

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