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You already know that weight loss surgery will change your life forever, but what will it mean for your day-to-day routine? Consider joining a bariatric surgery support group before you have the operation. You’ll learn from others about their experiences during that first year, and you’ll be able to prepare more efficiently for what the future holds.

You will become a connoisseur of food.

Arguably, the lifestyle change that patients find most difficult to adjust to is the bariatric diet. What you eat, how you eat, and perhaps even when you eat will change. But there’s no need to dread these changes. After a while, they will become habits—just another part of your new life. You’ll find that you become a food connoisseur. Instead of overeating when you’re sad, mad, or bored, you’ll learn to eat mindfully by enjoying the flavors of each bite.

You won’t get out of breath climbing the stairs.

Being physically inactive can be a frustrating way to live. It can be exhausting just to carry groceries in from the car. Exercise is a must after weight loss surgery, but there’s no need for it to be intimidating. You’ll start with a manageable walking routine. As you get in shape, you’ll realize how much easier daily activities have become, like walking up the stairs without getting short of breath.

You’ll look forward to your annual wellness exam.

People with obesity tend to dread that moment when they have to step on the scale at their annual check-up. And chatting with the doctor about hypertension, blood glucose, and heart palpitations isn’t fun, either. During the first year after bariatric surgery, you might lose as much as 70% of your extra pounds. The scale in the doctor’s office might start to look more like an old friend who is cheering you on as you get closer to your goal weight. And it’s entirely possible that your doctor will reduce your medication dosages—or inform you that you no longer need them.

Bariatric Care Centers is your partner in your new, healthy lifestyle. Our gastric bypass surgeon in Houston and our support staff are committed to helping each of our patients achieve their weight loss goals. Call 713-339-1353 and let us know how we can help you.

Disclaimer: This is only for general information. All patients should consult their doctors prior to following any of the recommendations in any articles and videos. Every patient has individual needs and limitations that only their treating physicians can be aware of.

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