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Benefits: tracking your weight loss and exercise effects on your body.

What Does it Measure?

1. Energy: Resting energy expenditure, physical activity level, and total energy consumption.
2. Fluid: Total body water, and extracellular water.
3. Function/Rehabilitation: Fat-free mass, fat mass, fat mass index, and skeletal muscle mass (right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, and torso).
4. Development/Growth: Weight, height, and body mass index.
5. Raw Impedance Data: phase angle, resistance, reactance, visceral adipose tissue, and phase angle.


There is an additional charge of $75 to meet with our registered dietitian

Bioimpedance measurements may not be performed on persons exhibiting the following characteristics:

• Electronic implants. e.g. cardiac pacemakers

•Active prostheses

•Electronic life-support systems, e.g. ECG devices or infusion pumps

•Cardiac arrhythmias


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