What Liquids to avoid after weight loss surgery?

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Avoidance of some ‘highly addictive beverages’ after Weight loss surgery is very important. Those beverages includes caffeine drinks, carbonated beverages and alcohol.

1-Why Caffeine is to be avoided after surgery? :

-it causes dehydration when consumed in excessive amount.

- it stimulate acid production in the stomach increasing GERD or Heartburn (Gerd is Gastric esophageal reflux disease) and might cause ulcers in the stomach.

- may act as GI stimulant which increases digestion resulting in faster return of hunger sensation.leading to less than desired weight loss.

2- Carbonated beverages increases belching and passing gas and thus increase discomfort. and by another mechanism, they do increase appetite, leading to a less than desired weight loss. while increasing acid production in the stomach and leading to undesired heartburn.

3- Alcohol is to be totally avoided due to many reasons:

-alcohol is an empty liquid calories, has no important nutritional value and give you undesired extra calories. affecting your weight, and making you less successful with weight loss.

- it increases vitamin deficiency.

- it acts as gastric irritants. leading to pain, nausea, vomiting, ulcers, pancreatitis, and many other severe health problems.

-tolerance of alcohol is low after surgery, meaning that you will get drunk a lot faster.

Studies show clearly: that successful weight loss after surgery is highly dependent on following your doctor and dietitian's recommendations, implementing them into your new lifestyle.

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