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Gastric bypass surgery is still sometimes one of the best options for many people who struggle to lose weight. and have severe diabetes, or need revisional surgery, To get the best results from the procedure, it’s extremely important to follow the correct diet after the surgery. Read on to learn about the general guidelines for the gastric bypass diet.

A Staged Approach
Most gastric bypass diets follow a staged approach to help ease you into solid foods. The day after surgery, you should only have clear liquids like broth, gelatin, and popsicles. Once you feel confident that you can handle clear liquids, you can add in other liquids, such as low-fat milk, protein shakes, yogurt. By the third week after surgery, you can start, in general, eating pureed foods, such as beans, smoothies, and lean ground meat. Soft foods can be introduced after a few weeks with a doctor’s approval. four weeks after surgery, you can introduce solid foods that are chopped or diced. You may be able to return to a normal diet after 6-8 weeks.

Take Your Time
Just as you have to introduce new foods slowly, you need to eat and drink slowly. Eating and drinking too quickly can cause discomfort, or dumping syndrome, which leads to nausea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal problems. Always make sure to chew your food thoroughly so your stomach doesn’t have to do too much work, and drink plenty of liquids between meals to avoid dehydration, but not during or around meal-time.

Foods to Avoid
Certain categories of foods should stay out of your diet completely. Nuts, seeds, and popcorn can be difficult to digest, and carbonated beverages and spicy food can irritate your stomach. You should also avoid anything greasy like fried foods and fatty meats. bread and riz are also hard on your stomach. Be sure to talk to your doctor about a meal plan to ensure you have the quickest recovery possible.

Always consult with your doctor about any questions related to your procedure. If you are considering gastric bypass surgery or any other bariatric procedure in Houston contact Bariatric Care Centers . You can find us online or call us at 713.339.1353. We look forward to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

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