What Causes Problems That Lead to Lap Band Revisions?

Lap Band surgery was at one time a very popular bariatric procedure, but it has recently been surpassed in popularity by gastric sleeve procedures. The reason Lap Band bariatric surgery has become less common is that it can lead to several complication and negative side effects the longer a patient has it. Fortunately, patients who have the Lap Band don’t have to give up on weight loss success. Revision bariatric surgery in Houston gives patients the option to switch to a different weight loss surgery procedure. Here is a look at some of the problems that commonly cause patients to consider a revision procedure. bariatric - revisions

Failure to Lose Weight

After Lap Band surgery, some patients find that they do not lose weight or do not lose the amount of weight that they had hoped. When patients fail to reach their weight loss goals, they frequently explore the option of another bariatric surgery, particularly gastric sleeve procedures.

Regaining Weight

Sometimes, people are initially successful with Lap Band surgery but then regain the weight in the future. Problems with the position of the band as well as inability to adapt to different eating habits after surgery can lead to regaining weight. Some people adapt to eating with the band and are able to slowly increase the amount they are able to eat in one sitting, causing an increase in weight. For these patients, another bariatric procedure that is more restrictive can help control appetite and prevent overeating.

Medical Issues

For some patients, adjusting to the band is simply not possible. They experience recurrent nausea, vomiting, acid reflux, and chronic cough. Some people also experience chest pain and abdominal pain. Some patients get revision surgery to correct these chronic issues, but it is important to seek urgent medical care if you have a Lap Band and experience a sudden onset of these symptoms. They could indicate band slippage, which could be dangerous.

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