Aug 4, 2015 | | Houston, TX
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*For many years, I tried to lose weight and was unsuccessful. I felt like I couldn’t accomplish anything. Fortunately, my cousin saw my struggles and referred me to Dr. Mirza. She had her weight loss surgery with him and loved her results. With her as my trusted source, I made an appointment with Dr. Mirza to start my journey to a NEW me. Going in to Dr. Mirza’s office, I felt at ease. Every one of his staff member treated me nicely and without problem. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mirza to anyone looking for weight loss surgery because he and his staff are without a doubt fantastic! I never had any issues throughout my whole journey to surgery. Now that I’ve had the surgery, I feel a lot lighter and faster. Everything I do, I can do a lot more efficiently and without getting tired. The best thing about the NEW me, would definitely have to be fitting into smaller clothes. It is the best feeling to be smaller and out of any health risks that I was once facing. I am very happy with my results and I want to stay this size forever!

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  • Surgeon Qualifications-Board Certified Fellowship Trained in Bariatric Surgery
  • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.
  • Fellow of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery; FASMBS.
  • Designation as a “Fellow of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery” demonstrates commitment to excellence
  • Dr. Mirza is the Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery at a Houston Center Of Excellance.
  • Excellent Long-Term Track Record of Safety
  • Over 15 Years Experience
  • 1,000's of Successful Safe Bariatric Surgeries Performed
  • Most of our patients are referrals from existing patients
  • Comprehensive approach to weight loss surgery with continued follow-up.
  • Yearly Laboratory Testing to Optimize Patients Health
  • Using only Center Of Excellence Hospitals for Surgery.
  • To assist him in surgery Dr. Mirza uses Highly trained and skilled surgeons and Licensed Assistants.
  • Dr. Mirza will spend time with you and evaluate you personally, at the office and at the hospital.