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Is Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Right for You?

At Bariatric Care Centers, our physician performs vertical sleeve gastrectomy, also known as sleeve gastrectomy. With over 10 years of success in Houston, sleeve gastrectomy procedures have become the number one in bariatric surgery for weight loss.

Houston Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Before & After Houston Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Benefits of Sleeve Gastrectomy

To determine which procedure is right for you, you may want to consider the following benefits of sleeve gastrectomy:

  • Tiny incisions
  • A short hospital stay and a fast recovery
  • Effective weight loss results – an average of 70% of excess weight loss in 6-12 months
  • Low complications in comparison to other bariatric surgeries
  • No foreign body to worry about that might cause problems
  • Decreased appetite due to hunger hormone reduction
  • Small meals make you full and satisfied due to stomach reduction
  • Low risk for nutritional deficiencies in comparison to other surgeries
  • High rates of resolution of medical problems related to obesity

” I Had the Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Mirza!*” – Christi

How Does Sleeve Surgery Work?

Sleeve surgery is a restrictive procedure. It reduces the size of the stomach by an average of 75% and limits the amount of food that can be eaten at any one time. It does not cause decreased absorption of nutrients. Patients feel full after eating very small amounts of food. Patients also experience a significant decrease in appetite, due to the reduction of the size of the stomach and the amount of the (hunger hormone) called Ghrelin produced by the stomach. With less of this hormone present, individuals experience a significant reduction in the feeling of hunger between meals, helping them exercise more control over their eating habits.

Average weight loss is about 2-5 lbs. per week. Within 6-12 month, most patients lose an average of 70% of excess weight, especially those ones who are very motivated.

But more important, most patients resolve their obesity-related health problems. See our testimonials!

How is Sleeve Gastrectomy Performed?

The procedure involves making four to five laparoscopic small incisions in the abdomen using a video camera (laparoscope) and long instruments. During the sleeve surgery, about 80% of the stomach is removed (gastrectomy) leaving a narrow stomach tube that looks like a sleeve. The portion of the stomach that remains has a smaller volume capacity of about 100 to 150 cc. Our Houston bariatric surgeon uses a stapling device to close the sides and enforces it with absorbable tissue.

Dr. Mirza has more than 15 years of experience and a 0% rate of any leak after all these years. The sleeve is tested during surgery with a safety “leak test” to further reduce any risks. No intestines are removed or bypassed. This procedure takes 60-90 minutes to complete. This short operative time is an important advantage for patients, improving safety.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Diagram

Your Life After the Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure

You can return to work within 5-7 days after the procedure, eating a full liquid diet as directed by our dietitian, then advancing your diet to puree and soft food within a 4 week period.

You can expect some pain and discomfort following gastric sleeve surgery; however, the condition can be alleviated with medication. And it is short-lived; actually, over 90% of patients report no pain beyond the second day after surgery. Follow-up appointments will ensure that you are healing well. We can monitor your new dietary requirements to ensure you are adjusting as needed.

“I had the sleeve as well!” – Elonia

Before & After Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure in Houston, TX

We Are Here for You

Dr. Mirza and his staff will be with you every step of the way, so rest assured.

Complications of Gastric Sleeve

As with any surgical operation, sleeve gastrectomy has a variety of possible complications, such as leakage, nausea, and many other complications. The surgeon will discuss these with you during your consultation in detail It is very important to know that in most cases, the health risks of morbid obesity far outweigh the risks of a well-planned sleeve gastrectomy procedure.

Begin Your Journey to a Healthy Life

Take the first step and reach out to our Houston bariatric surgeon for help. Dr. Mirza is a compassionate surgeon who can assess your weight loss goals and metabolic needs to determine an appropriate treatment plan for success. To schedule a consultation at Bariatric Care Centers, call us at 713-339-1353. We can help you to take the first step on the path leading to a healthy, fulfilling life!


All weight loss claims are due to surgery and before and after care. Results will vary by person and are based upon the patient, the surgery type and the compliance with the aftercare program. As with any Medical procedure or surgery, there are specific risks and possible complications. If you have specific questions about the procedure we suggest you arrange for a consult with the Doctor.

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