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Sharing With Your Family

If you’ve been struggling with obesity throughout your life, odds are that you’ve considered weight loss surgery at least at one point, or perhaps you’ve already scheduled it, or maybe even already undergone weight loss surgery in Houston and are in the recovery process. In any case, if you haven’t spoken with your friends and family about it and explained the procedure and your reasons to them, they might not understand, or they’ve developed and are harboring fears and concerns of their own.

Understandably, finding the right way to discuss such a private and life-changing procedure with your closest loved ones can be difficult and, perhaps, even frightening, but it doesn’t have to be. Talking to our loved ones is a necessary step in ensuring that you have the support and care you need to give you the best chance of success in this new stage of your life.

Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery

A good starting point in having a conversation with your loved ones is explaining and outlining your reasons for considering or having undergone weight loss surgery. By letting them know what your thought process was and concerns that brought you to decide to pursue weight loss surgery in the first place, you bring them into the conversation and make them feel included.

While you may have your own reasons, this list of the most commonly cited reasons for weight loss surgery and obesity help in Houston can be a helpful reference to draw from when deciding to begin this conversation.

  • Reversal of type 2 diabetes: Due to the primary risk factor for type 2 diabetes being obesity, undergoing weight loss surgery can reduce the effects of the condition, or even reverse it entirely, in some cases.
  • Improving the quality of life: Obesity is linked to a number of secondary conditions and ailments. By shedding excess body weight, blood pressure and cholesterol will lower, in most cases, and you may find yourself suffering less from chronic conditions like joint pain or sleep apnea. This can contribute to overall improvements in health and a reduction in daily medication load.
  • Increased longevity: Obesity can drastically reduce your lifespan. With successful weight loss surgery, the rates of mortality decrease significantly. Obesity also increases the risks of certain types of cancer, such as colon, breast, and endometrial cancer. The risks of developing these cancers are reduced after weight loss.
  • Improved fertility: While obesity doesn’t preclude the possibility of conceiving in women, significant weight loss following surgery can improve ovulatory function and pregnancy rates.
  • Improved self-image: With significant weight loss, self-esteem can improve, once it becomes easier to shop for clothes and fit in tighter spaces like airplane and movie seats. This leads to a change in mental attitude that often is as profound as the physical effects of weight loss.

While these may or may not be the specific reasons you have chosen to undergo Gastric Sleeve or gastric bypass surgery in Houston, they make an excellent springboard from which to begin the conversation with your loved ones.

They will undoubtedly be concerned for you, due to your planning on undergoing an invasive medical procedure. By relating to them the many benefits and changes in quality of life and health that it provides, and which you are looking forward to, you can help put their mind at ease by letting them know that, ultimately, weight loss surgery will bring improvements in your life.

How to Approach Your Loved Ones

They might also be concerned for your safety. It is important that they understand that gastric sleeve and gastric bypass are very commonly performed procedures, with a high rate of success and patient safety. Any health risks from the surgery are far outweighed by the health risks of obesity itself.

They may view it as giving up on your part, but they might not be aware of how successful weight loss surgery is at treating obesity, especially in cases where non-surgical interventions such as exercise and dieting haven’t been effective. Your weight loss clinic in Houston should be able to provide further guidance and advice on how to best discuss this.

Also of importance is to let your loved ones know that the surgery is not just a simple procedure that results in weight loss. A gastric sleeve or bypass is a life-changing event that brings about new considerations with regards to diet and lifestyle for the rest of one’s postoperative life. Your habits and attitudes toward eating and the kinds of food you’ll be best able to eat will be different from here on out.

You may find it difficult to be around food in normal social situations, as you may feel tempted by what’s present, or left out due to your inability to participate in the same meals as everyone else. You’ll need to decide for yourself what your comfort level is with food from here on out, and enlist the support and commitment of your loved ones in assisting you with that.

It may mean that they, too, will have to change their habits when it comes to food. Don’t be afraid to seek this support from your loved ones. While you may be scared of rejection or mockery, it is important to remember that your friends and family, ultimately, want the best for you, and, as such, will most likely be more than happy to do whatever they can to give you the support you need in this critical time.

The Feelings a Patient May Feel Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

Before undergoing weight loss surgery, patients can be expected to feel a heady cocktail of differing emotions. Anxiety, excitement, denial, and more are all common and expected emotions to feel. It’s important to address these feelings, in time, and resolve them.

You may be anxious that the surgery will not work or that there will be complications, or you may feel shame that you’re resorting to surgery. Often, obesity can’t be overcome by altering your diet through willpower alone, and weight loss surgery is one of the most effective treatments for it. It’s also a very widely performed and safe procedure, with the drawbacks relatively minor compared to the drawbacks of obesity.

After your Houston weight loss surgery, you may feel that your friends and loved ones will not understand what you’ve gone through, and what your new, smaller stomach and altered digestive tract means for your life. You may be afraid that they’ll be judgmental, or maybe have negative feelings about your weight loss.

This is particularly common with friends and loved ones who struggle with weight issues of their own. They may be feeling jealousy or fears that you’ll abandon them once you’ve lost the weight. Reassuring your loved ones that you care for them, and your decisions in pursuing surgery are purely related to your own health should help them to put their minds at ease.

While bariatric surgery is a great boon to the overall health of patients that it is indicated for, it is by no means a quick fix or an operation on the level of wisdom teeth removal. The short-term and permanent effects both require significant consideration when it comes to managing your life thereafter, and making sure your friends and family understand the effects it will have on your life, and, by extension, their lives, is crucial for your continued success.

The understanding and support of your loved ones help you enhance the effect of your weight loss surgery and make it easier in the long run. Contact the professionals at Bariatric Care Centers today at 713-339-1353 to learn more about their weight loss services.

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